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 The Login is invalid
Article W3HUB deploys Brute Force Protection firewall to prevent hacking, spamming or other attacks on your hosting account and other services.  There are several reasons why your IP could be getting blocked, like if we see large volumes of emails sending or receiving from your account, or we find malware on your site or other untrusted activity.

This can also happen innocently, if you are unsuccessfully trying to log in too many times (in a short period of time), such as trying to access your FTP or E-mail using incorrect credentials, the firewall will think that it is an attack on the server and will block you.

If you're received the message "The Login is invalid" when you logged in, please wait AT LEAST 15 minutes before retrying.  Continue attempt to login again during that 15 minutes will cause your IP to be permanently blocked.

If you're still receiving this message after this. please contact our technical support and include the following information in your request:
1. Your cpanel username.
2. Your IP address as reported at:
3. A brief description of the problem faced.

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Created On: 27 Jan 2015 4:20 PM

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