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 How do I set up Dreamweaver's FTP connection?
Article With the help of this software you can make your own websites in Macromedia Dreamweaver and upload them to our servers. Dreamweaver allows users to preview websites in many browsers. It also has some site management tools and a templatization feature for creating multiple pages with similar structures.

Please note: Depending on the version of Dreamweaver that you are using, the following steps may differ from what you see, however the server information will remain the same.

1. Click on Site --> Define Sites
2. In the Define Sites Box, click on 'New'.

3. In the 'Local Info' area fill out the requested information.

4. Click on Remote Info and fill in the required information (below).

- Set the FTP Host to
- Leave Host Directory blank
- In the Login field, enter your FTP User Name
- In the Password field, enter your FTP Password

- Check 'Save' if you would like Dreamweaver to remember your password
- Ensure 'Use Firewall' is unchecked
- When complete, click "OK"

5. Click on Finish and let it build the Site Cache.

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