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 What is Fantastico De Luxe?
 Fantastico De Luxe is a leading auto installer software for cPanel servers. It provides more than a million end users the ability to quickly install dozens of leading open source software.
 Setting E-mail Account On Your Android Phone
  1. Select Mail from the Main Android Menu.
 Setting E-mail Account On Your BlackBerry
  1. Select Setup from your Blackberry "Home" menu.
 Setting E-mail Account On Your iPhone
  If you would like to see a video step by step click here.Get Started Using W3HUB E-Mail Account
 How can I point the domain name to you?
  The process is simple. We will send you two /*DNS values*/ nameserver hostnames in your welcome email. All you have to do is to login into your domain registrar provided control panel and change /*the DNS of your domain name*/ yo
 How do I get SSL certificate on my account?
  You may purchase RapidSSL Certificate (128 Bit High Encryption) for SGD $150.00 per year.
 Can I have additional disk space or bandwidth for my account?
 Yes.,?you can purchase additional disk?space or bandwidth for your account. However, we?would recommend you to upgrade your existing account to the one with higher quotas.
 How can I transfer my hosting account to you?
  In order to transfer your website to W3HUB from your current hosting provider you will need to do the following: 1) Make a full backup of your site in your cPanel. 2) Go to and signup an account with us. 3) Once
 Addon Domains vs Parked Domains
  Our customers can host an unlimited number of domains on their hosting accounts. These domains can either be addon domains or parked domains. Parked domains are so-called aliases: they all replicate the contents of the customer's main dom
 My site does not appear in the browser
  Well. This is probably one of the most frequently asked support questions. Make sure: 1. You have made the DNS changes (to be exact you need to change DNS servers of your domain to W3HUB's ones in your registrar's domain administration
 Frontpage extensions do not work
 Its always been a challenge for linux hosts to support frontpage. This is because the most recent version of FrontPage Server Extensions for Linux was developed in 2002. Microsoft refuses to support Linux with newer extensions. You could try uninstalli
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