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 Setting E-mail Account On Your Android Phone
  1. Select Mail from the Main Android Menu.
 Setting E-mail Account On Your BlackBerry
  1. Select Setup from your Blackberry "Home" menu.
 Setting E-mail Account On Your iPhone
  If you would like to see a video step by step click here.Get Started Using W3HUB E-Mail Account
 How do I enable SMTP Authentication for my email accounts?
  Our shared mail servers require these applications to authenticate with the mail server before email can be sent. This is done to ensure that the person attempting to send email through our mail servers is a legitimate customer. The steps involved will
 I cannot send emails
  If you're having trouble sending emails on port 25 (the default SMTP port), try switching your SMTP port to 26. Most ISPs are blocking port 25 to prevent spam accross the internet. Changing your SMTP port to 26 will solve this problem.
  Setting E-mail Account On Outlook 2013 / 2016
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 Form using CGIemail
 The script "cgiemail" in your cgi-bin allows you to receive information entered into a form by email. This script requires the following two steps: 1. Create a template of the email message to be sent. 2. Create an HTML form that fits the email template
 What is the maximum size of the email that can be sent?
 50 Mega Bytes.
 Can I have my own SMTP servers ?
 SMTP servers are setup by default and you would have your very own for example
 Can I use email catch all facility?
 Yes with Catch-all you have the possibility to receive mails to the address of the domain associated with your account (even if this address doesn't exist).
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