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 What version of PHP do you use?
  We support PHP 5.2/5.3/5.4/5.5
 Can I edit httpd conf file?
  You cannot edit this file if you are hosted on budget, reseller or corporate hosting plan. You can however edit this file if you have a dedicated server with us.
 Do you back-up my website?
  We back-up your data on separate hard drives on different servers which maintain the integrity of the back up. We provide weekly / daily back-ups depending on the hosting packages.
 I also want to provide web hosting services to my clients or friends? Do you have an easy to use reseller web hosting plan?
  Yes we also provide our customers with reseller web hosting plans which gives them the ability to further provide web hosting to their own clients. We remain completely anonymous in the background managing everything for you while you work on building y
 What forms of payments do you accept?
  - Credit / Debit Card (Visa? / Master)? [ SGD / USD / AUD]- Paypal [SGD]- Internet Bank Transfer - Cheque (Singapore only)
 How do I sign up for your Web Hosting?
  The process is pretty simple. All orders are processed online. Use the order links on the website and you would be taken to a 128 bit secure SSL client and order management area where you can follow 5 to 6 simple steps to setup your account. After
 Can I use JSP on my site?
  Yes, for Linux server only.
 Can I use ASP?
  ASP is not supported on Linux server but is supported in our Windows server.
 Do you offer webdesign?
  Yes, but it would be a separate package from the hosting package. You may refer to for more detail on our design packages.
 Do you offer merchant accounts?
  We do not offer merchant accounts.
 Is there a limit on the Mail Box size?
  The size of each mail box can be controlled by the customer, but it should not exceed the total web space quota of the hosting account.
 Do you offer Private name servers?
  Private nameservers are provided for reseller hosting only.Your DNS would look something like this and You can order your custom DNS by contacting the technical department directly if you are the owner of a profess
 Can I use my own domain whois information?
  By default all new domain registrations are whois protected for customer security. If any client wants his or her information displayed to the public, they can contact us and we can do this for them.
 Do you offer refunds?
  No, we don't.
 Can I change my cpanel user name?
  Yes, you can.Kindly drop us an email at and provide us with the following information:1) Domain Name2) Current cPanel username3) New cpanel username
 How can I upgrade my hosting package?
  Kindly contact our billing department in order to upgrade. You can do this by sending an email to In the email, please provide us with your domain name, your current hosting plan and the name of a hosting package you`d like to upgrade t
 Can I add addon domains without changing the DNS first?
  Unfortunately you cannot do that. With the way cpanel is setup currently you would need to change the DNS first and then wait for few hours. After that you can create the addon domain in your cpanel. In case you would like to keep current name server
 What domain extensions can you host?
  We can host any valid domain extension.
 Who will own the domain name?
 Clients will own the domain name. W3HUB only provides the technical support for the maintenance of the domain and it's hosting package.
 Can I transfer my Domain Name to W3HUB?
 Yes, you can. Kindly request for the Transfer Authorization Code from your current registrar and forward the code to our technical staff at The whole transfer process may take
 Do you provide domain registration services?
 Yes we do.Annual domain registration / renew fees as / net / org / info / biz? --> SGD $ / / / --> SGD $ --> SGD $ / my?--> SGD $80.00
 I pay my ISP 10 times more and have very little web space and bandwidth. How can you provide tons of space and bandwidth and still remain in business? Are you overselling the network resources?
  We do not oversell our network resources unlike other ISPs and Web Hosts. We utilize a scalable web hosting technology which means that our resources can be expanded as needed. Unlike other web hosts, who have limited resources per server, we at W3HUB h
 What kind of services does W3HUB provide?
  As the name suggests we provide Web Hosting solutions to our clients. In addition to web hosting we provide domain registration, web design, dedicated IP addresses and SSL certificates. We are your complete online presence solution.
 How can I change my main domain name?
  Domain name changes are made by W3HUB support team for free. All you have to do is to drop us an email at Please note that if your new main domain name exists under your account as an addon domain or a parked
 I have Windows or Apple Macintosh installed on my home and office computer. Can I use your services?
 It does not matter which operating system you have installed on your home or office computer. You can use our services without any problems. Your local computers operating system has nothing to do with our web servers. You can run any software on your loc
 Can I access MySQL remotely?
 You cannot access MySQL remotely however we provide you with phpmyadmin software which can be used to manage your mysql data bases. You would have to upload your mysql content on the web server in order to manage it.
 What version of Apache do you use?
 We use Apache/1.3.+ and 2 (Unix) however please note that the version written here is for reference only as we keep upgrading as the need arrives.
 Do you offer shopping carts?
 Yes we support various shopping cart software. You can install and operate any PHP + MYSQL based shopping cart.
 Can I have my own custom error pages?
 Yes you can create them right inside the control panel.
 Do you support custom hosting plans?
 Currently we can only provide custom dedicated servers.
 Can I create my own .htaccess files?
 Yes you can create them.
 Do you have any free trial period?
 We do not support free trials.
 Can I install custom software on web servers?
 Yes, you can, as long as they match the following requirements: OS: Linux; php 4.0 + and php 5+; MySQL 4+ and 5 (for servers: intense, ss5, ss6; rs15, rs16 and rs17) and in case this software/script is not designed for streaming audio/video broadcastin
 Do you provide shared SSL?
 Unfortunately we do not provide shared SSL. You can buy your own SSL and we can install it for you.
 What happens if you have hardware problems with the server?
 Hardware problems can come about at any time. We try our best to fix the issues at hand when they occur. Hardware problems usually take about 3 to 48 hours to fix depending upon the seriousness of the issues.
 Do you support RVSkin?
 We do not support it.
 There has got to be a catch to this. Is there any hidden fee I am not aware of at this time?
 There is no hidden fee what so ever. Our prices are clearly listed on the website.
 Will I be able to renew my services at the same price I bought?
 Yes. We offer a price freeze on all services. You will be renewed on the same price structure you initially signed up for.
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