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 What version of MySQL do you use?
 Our servers are running MySQL 5, so all the new accounts and those, which are upgraded are placed on these servers. There is no limit for database size, so you may create as many databases as you need.
 Change TimeZone
  W3HUB servers have been set up with the GMT Time Zone. You can modify your scripts to use EST or any other timezone you need by the following methods : 1) Using the function "putenv" in php scripts : To conv
 How to turn on register_globals
 The register_globals can be turned on in your php.ini file. To do this, create a php.ini file in the directory you need this to be turned on. Then add the following : ================= register_globals = On ================= The php.ini file is a co
 I need PHP5 for my scripts, but the server has PHP4 installed only. Please upgrade PHP.
 We already have PHP5 running in our servers. It has been compiled with all the options in existing php. If you would like your php application to be run on php5, it can be enabled by creating a .htaccess file and adding this line to it. AddHandler appl
 Is PHPBB forum allowed on Shared hosting?
 Do you support Phpsuexec?
 Yes, we do support that however please note that it can be used with PHP4 only.
 Do you support FormMail.php?
 Yes, we support FormMail.php. We do not have it in our cgi-bin so you need to install it on your own.
 What version of phpmyadmin do you support?
 Phpmyadmin version supported is and we upgrade it whenever needed.
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