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 Webalizer Stats not updating
  Currently we consider AWStats to be the main web statistics system on all W3HUB servers. If you would like to have webalizer stats instead of the AWStats, you may enable the same in the "Statistic Log Configuration" under " Analysis and L
 Redirection to https:// for Cpanel, Webmail & WHM
 The users will be redirected to the ssl/tls ports when visiting URLs like,,, etc. You will receive an SSL certificate error warning, this can be ignored. The warning is rece
 Where can I veiw/update my stats?
 You can do it in your cPanel -> Logs -> Choose Log Programs -> here you choose the domains you would like to get statistics for and also a program (choose awstats, while webalizer is currently disabled) -> click on Save -> it will take 24-72 hours to g
 The Login is invalid
 W3HUB deploys Brute Force Protection firewall to prevent hacking, spamming or other attacks on your hosting account and other services.  There are several reasons why your IP could be getting blocked, like if we see large volumes of emails sending or rece
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